My 2013 summer playlist

I recently came back from a road trip with two of my best friends (perhaps an idea for an upcoming blog post?), and came back with a few new summer song favorites that I  thought I would share with you! When I take trips with my friends, certain songs usually stick and  end up carrying nostalgic memories when I listen to them again later on. For me, these three songs do just that.

My first summer song favorite is Boomerang by The Summer Set. I think I like this song, as well as the other two, because they remind me of songs that I listened to in the 90s. Having grown up in the 90s (an amazingly fun decade for kids to grow up in, if you ask me), I have a soft spot for 90s sounding tunes. I also think that many of the songs that have come out this summer have had a bit 90s feel to them like, Cruise by Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly, Ooh La La by Britney Spears, What About Love by Austin Mahone and so many more, don’t you think?!

My next favorite this summer is All Night Longer by Sammy Adams. I know this one isn’t exactly “new” but it also has a fun summer (and 90s) feel to it and I can’t help but want to dance and jump around when I hear it.

Last, but not least, C’mon by Ke$ha.  Even the lyrics and music video for this song remind me of the 90s! (Or maybe I’m just obsessed with the constant presence of kitties.) Again, this song is just so catchy and has a pop beat that makes it the perfect summer song.

So there you have it! My top three favorite songs this summer! What are some of your favorites? Am I right about popular songs this summer sounding a bit 90s?

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