August Adventures

Although I am incredibly excited for the amazing adventures that I have planned for September (my 22nd birthday, the Color Run, Virgin Mobile Freefest, and a trip to New York) I wanted to take some time to reflect on the fun things I did in August. The past few weeks have proved to be a great end of the summer. One exciting event was when my friends and I went to see Cirque Italia! The performances took place inside a tent that was small enough to make even the farthest seats feel like they were having their own personal show. As always, I have put the video of that experience below, or you can view it by clicking here.

In addition to some of our smaller get-togethers, we also went to a happy hour at an old mansion that has been converted into a museum/hotel with hidden passages that is open to the public to explore. This was such a unique and interesting experience and I had so much fun looking for (and walking through!) secret doors and passages. Each room in the old mansion had a different theme (one was decorated to look like a winter lodge, one was animal print themed, one was a 1950s themed kitchen…) and had secret doors and rooms that you would not expect! I’ve put the video of that trip below.
Overall, August was definitely a fun month and a great way to spend the last few weeks of summer with friends. Now that it’s officially September, I can’t wait for all the adventures that this month will hold!

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