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❄ New York at Christmastime ❄

I think that one of the best times to be in New York is Christmastime. Although I love being in New York at any time of the year, December in New York evokes an entirely different feeling. For me, going to New York at Christmastime makes me feel as though I have been transported to a magical place. My mind is filled with happy, joyous, amazing memories, and I feel like a child visiting Times Square staring up at the blinding lights in wonder for the very first time. In December, the shops in the city are decorated in festive lights, buildings are adorned with wreaths, and, of course, the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza makes it’s grand appearance. There is no doubt that it is incredibly cold in New York around this time, but I personally feel as though this adds to the magic. After hours of walking around the city in the freezing cold and after your nose and cheeks have turned bright pink, a new dimension of comfort and fantasy is added to your late afternoon tea, or to the elaborately decorated Bergdorf Goodman that welcomes you with warmth and countless white decorations. 

At this point, it may be obvious that this post was inspired by another recent trip I took to The Big Apple. Since December is my favorite time to visit, I tried to capture as much as I possibly could in pictures and video. I can only hope that even a small fraction of the joy the trip gave me shows through in the images I captured. 

A nice warm cup of coffee for breakfast at a festively decorated restaurant was the perfect way to start off the day before bracing the cold New York streets.*
My new ride, which I found right outside The New York Public Library.*
Gigantic Christmas ornaments.*
The Swarovski star in Rockefeller Plaza.*
And of course, last but by absolutely no means least, the magnificent Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza.*

Below is the video that I made from this trip. It is probably one of my favorite ones that I have made. The trip helped to get me into the Christmas spirit, and I can only hope that the video can help to do the same for you. 

* You can see all of the above pictures, and others, on my Instragram ( 

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