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Santorini | Greece 2018

These are the pictures you’ve been waiting for, right? Here they are! This is beautiful Santorini in all its glory. Honestly, Santorini is everything you would expect it to be: beautiful views, clear water, white buildings with blue rooftops, etc. etc. But isn’t that also everything you would expect Greece and the Cyclades to beContinue Reading “Santorini | Greece 2018”

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Update: Spring & Summer 2018 ❤️

Ok. As proven by my track record, it seems New Year’s resolutions don’t really work out for me. I’ve been severely slacking on my weekly videos, I know, but I do want to try to at least get videos up of two very exciting trips that I took this year. I will get to thatContinue Reading “Update: Spring & Summer 2018 ❤️”

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Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 2: Only Fight For What Really Matters

I am not a relationship expert, but I feel it is safe to say that couples in all kinds of relationships fight. If you ask me, couples that say they don’t fight at all are probably lying. Well, maybe they aren’t, but if you are one half of a couple that has never had aContinue Reading “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 2: Only Fight For What Really Matters”

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The Empire State Building at Midnight

I must admit, being in a long distance relationship has been made a little bit easier by the facts that 1. both parties are on the East Coast, and 2. one of the parties lives in Manhattan. I had only been to the Empire State Building once before, and had gone up to both theContinue Reading “The Empire State Building at Midnight”