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Santorini | Greece 2018

These are the pictures you’ve been waiting for, right? Here they are! This is beautiful Santorini in all its glory. Honestly, Santorini is everything you would expect it to be: beautiful views, clear water, white buildings with blue rooftops, etc. etc. But isn’t that also everything you would expect Greece and the Cyclades to beContinue Reading “Santorini | Greece 2018”

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Update: Spring & Summer 2018 ❤️

Ok. As proven by my track record, it seems New Year’s resolutions don’t really work out for me. I’ve been severely slacking on my weekly videos, I know, but I do want to try to at least get videos up of two very exciting trips that I took this year. I will get to thatContinue Reading “Update: Spring & Summer 2018 ❤️”


Canada 2017

One of my goals is to travel as much as I can, especially to places I have never been before. This summer, I managed to cross another place off my list: Québec, Canada. Over July Fourth weekend, J and I took a trip to Québec where we spent two days in Québec City and twoContinue Reading “Canada 2017”


Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in Virginia

For Memorial Day Weekend this year, J took me to Virginia – specifically, to the places where he grew up and spent most of his time before we were together. We started in Charlottesville, then drove through the mountains, made a quick stop at Natural Bridge State Park, and then ended our trip in Lexington.Continue Reading “Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in Virginia”