My Bachelorette Party!

My bachelorette party happened back in August and was the start of a month’s worth of wedding fun and excitement. I knew nothing about the weekend’s events until they happened– the ENTIRE thing was a surprise! The only things I was told regarding my bachelorette party was to block off the weekend and to hop in an Uber that my lovely Maid of Honor had scheduled to pick me up.

I got in my Uber that Saturday (and made sure to tell my driver that I am not supposed to know where I am going!) and met a couple of the girls at the hotel where we would be spending the night. I was then taken straight to Lady Camellia in Georgetown for high tea! I had never been to Lady Camellia before, but let me tell you, it is the most adorable and fun place to go for delicious tea. After sampling many amazing teas and eating way too much, we decided to kill some time in Georgetown before our next activity.

About 10 blocks of walking and one palm reading later (don’t ask), we went to Insomnia Escape, where I did my first ever escape room! I had never done an escape room before, but I had been dying to do one and was THRILLED when we arrived there. Our group kept getting larger and larger as the day progressed and as more of my friends joined in on the activities, which just added to all of the surprise and excitement. At this point, there were five of us, and together we beat the escape room with time to spare and only 3 hints! We got really into it and I had a blast! I don’t know how my MOH knew this would be the perfect activity for me (hint: maybe because she is one of my best friends and also my Maid of Honor?!), but honestly, so far she was crushing it and we weren’t even halfway through!

Next stop: dinner in Georgetown. We arrived at the restaurant and were met by even more friends! We laughed, we cried (from laughing), and I got my first taste of what it feels like to have your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

One Uber ride later and we were all at a rooftop bar in DC taking in the views and drinking cocktails on the house. My drink was particularly special with a heart in the foam on top!

The evening concluded with an insanely decked out hotel room, games, adorable customized party favors, and more laughing. Seriously, how cute are these?

The whole day and evening were unreal. I felt so special and so loved and had the absolute time of my life. Little did I know the weekend didn’t end there because the next day, my Maid of Honor asked me to be HER Maid of Honor next year (cue the happy tears)! What a way to end an already perfect weekend.

Giulia ♥

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