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Long Distance Relationship Diary. Where Do I Begin?

Over the course of my currently long distance relationship, I have posted some pictures on Instagram captioned “Long Distance Relationship Diary”. Examples include, “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 1: Trains.” and “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 2: Traveling Means Being Together.” Given that this has started a theme on my Instagram and the fact thatContinue Reading “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Where Do I Begin?”

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The Empire State Building at Midnight

I must admit, being in a long distance relationship has been made a little bit easier by the facts that 1. both parties are on the East Coast, and 2. one of the parties lives in Manhattan. I had only been to the Empire State Building once before, and had gone up to both theContinue Reading “The Empire State Building at Midnight”

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St. John ♥ Summer 2016

Here it is: the long awaited, next-on-my-list-of-places-I’ve-never-been, adventure-filled, summer vacation to St. John! When I say this was long awaited, I mean that my boyfriend and I booked and planned this trip back in March, so naturally I just about exploded from excitement when we landed in St. Thomas. One short ferry ride from St.Continue Reading “St. John ♥ Summer 2016”


Summer in Greece 2015

Lately I have been daydreaming about summer vacations, warm sunny days, and relaxing afternoons on the beach. While this is definitely an overdue post, I wanted to post something about my last overseas trip and perhaps live summer vacation vicariously through old pictures.    Last summer, I went to Greece for a wedding and stayedContinue Reading “Summer in Greece 2015”

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New York at Christmastime (2015 Edition)

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already 2016. I thought I would start off the new year by posting about something very near and dear to my heart: New York at Christmastime. I wrote a similar post about two years ago because almost every year my parents and I take a trip to NewContinue Reading “New York at Christmastime (2015 Edition)”