New York Adventures (May 2016)

The other weekend I went to New York, as I do most weekends, to see my boyfriend and to celebrate the completion of finals and the end of a semester of grad school ( ! ). Despite the fact that I am practically a resident of New York New York now feels like my second home, there is always a new area to explore and something new to see. 

This particular weekend, we mixed some of my favorite old adventures with some new ones. During the day, we explored a new part of New York (or at least a part that was new to me), Astoria, were I was able to pretend I was in Greece for a few hours. That’s where I took the beautiful picture of the skyline across the water. The weather was finally nice, so we were able to spend the majority of our day outside. Several restaurants also had outdoor seating available, and we were able to eat our Mediterranean-inspired meal while listening to pedestrians exchange words in Greek in the background. After hours of walking, Greek lunching, and Greek shopping, we went back to Manhattan and had a lovely dinner and evening stroll, which is one of my favorite things to do in New York in the cool spring and summer evenings.

Once classes start back up, I know I will have limited available weekends to fill with adventures. When I don’t have a break from school, the majority, if not all, of my weekends are filled with studying and group project meetings. I am looking forward to July and August when I will have another small break during which I can continue to explore new places…or perhaps explore familiar places with a different set of eyes. We can cross that Brooklyn bridge (haha) when we get to it.

You can see some pictures from my spring weekend below, and more pictures from other New York weekends on my Instagram.


Saturday night walk

Freedom Tower


Now the real question is: can I still categorize this as “travel” if I am there every other weekend? 😉

‘Til next time, New York!

Giulia ♥

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