The Empire State Building at Midnight

I must admit, being in a long distance relationship has been made a little bit easier by the facts that 1. both parties are on the East Coast, and 2. one of the parties lives in Manhattan.

I had only been to the Empire State Building once before, and had gone up to both the 86th floor and 102nd floor a couple of years ago during the day. My boyfriend and I had been planning to go for a while, and somehow always ended up postponing the trip. Either it was too late for us to go, the line was too long, the weather was not good, etc. etc. Then, spontaneously after dinner one night last weekend, we decided to go.

It was midnight when we entered the building. There were no lines and only a handful of people on the various levels of the building, which only made the experience that much more unique and special. We opted to go to both the 86th floor and the 102nd floor. The 102nd floor Observatory does not permit you to go directly outside, but the 86th floor gives visitors the opportunity to walk directly outside. The weather made the sky almost crystal clear, and the spontaneous trip at midnight on a Sunday night of a long weekend made for an unforgettable experience.

I joke sometimes and say that I part-time live in New York (which is essentially true), and although I certainly spend a large chunk of my time there, touristy, cliché things like visiting the Empire State Building (or seeing the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center) never get old.

As a follow up to the question posed in my last New York post, I am still categorizing this as “travel” even though I am there every weekend 😉

See you soon, New York City!

Giulia ♥

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