Long Distance Relationship Diary. Where Do I Begin?

Over the course of my currently long distance relationship, I have posted some pictures on Instagram captioned “Long Distance Relationship Diary”. Examples include, “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 1: Trains.” and “Long Distance Relationship Diary. Chapter 2: Traveling Means Being Together.” Given that this has started a theme on my Instagram and the fact that I have a lot to say about long distance relationships (as I have been in one for two years now), I decided to start my own Long Distance Relationship Diary.
I feel like I should preface this series with a disclaimer to note that I am by no means a long distance relationship (a.k.a. LDR) expert and I am also well aware that a lot of couples have it worse than I do. All I can really speak to are my own feelings and experiences.
All of that said, since this has been an experience that is now two years in the making (filled with what feels like way more than two years worth of emotions), where do I begin? Perhaps we can start first with “Chapter 1: Does It Really Get Better?” . . .

view from the train 

Traveling Means Being Together.
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