Full-Time Work, Part-Time School

For those of you who don’t already know, I currently work full-time and I am simultaneously getting my MBA part-time. This means that for two days a week I wake up, go to work from around 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, go straight to school for class after work, and finally head home after class ends at 10 PM. All other nights of the week are dedicated to doing homework and/or falling asleep mid-study on the couch, and being exhausted 99% of the time (the remaining 1% is when I am actually asleep).

I have always found it strange that for many people, myself included, work seems to become a “second home”. Now, I feel as if school has become my “third home”. I have started to feel that I spend more time at work and school than I do at home, especially if you don’t include the hours I spend sleeping, which are few and far between.

Being a homebody and very much a “nester,” it’s hard for me to digest the fact that I spend more time away from home than I do in it, which may seem ironic considering I voluntarily opt to spend my free weekends and even my not-so-free weekends in New York with my boyfriend…but I digress. When I start feeling anxious or overwhelmed I remind myself how rewarding it feels to be furthering my education and gaining real-world experience at the same time. I also remind myself that I have been doing this for almost a year, and have a year and a few months left until it’s all over (what will I do with myself and all my free time?!) I suppose the point is that if you want something badly enough, the anxiety and stress that come with the journey are worth it in the end. (Then again, remind me I said this in about a week or two when I am studying for finals.)

Below are some pictures from school, the place I spend 7+ hours every week and the place that makes me feel so empowered when I walk in it. Welcome to my “third home”! 😛

Stay tuned for more study breaks!

Giulia ♥

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