A Winter Wine Tasting

Sometimes it’s nice just go have a day out with the girls. A few weekends ago, me and three other lovely ladies took a day trip to a vineyard about an hour’s drive away for a wine tasting. Once we got there, we were able to select three truffles each to complement our wines, and they were absolutely delicious. The lady that was speaking to us about the different wines and the truffles that went along with them was so sweet to us and made out outing that much better. 
After our tasting, we ordered some bread and cheese, purchased our favorite wine, and sat down at a table next to the window in the sun and chatted and laughed until our abs were sore. Even though it was winter, the sun was out and the weather was wonderful, and we were able to take a walk around the vineyard and drive home with the windows down.

I also made a short video of this trip that you can watch here:

It was such a perfect girls day out with lots of laughs, and was definitely a well-deserved, relaxing break from our busy schedules. 
I know it has been a while since I have posted anything here, but I hope to be posting a lot more soon 🙂 Until next time!
Giulia ♥
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